Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's 7 in the morning

Dear friends,

i'm awake and piecing together last night. cried when i talked to my teacher. read a really funny review of tao lin. talked to some friends. drank with some friends. called a bunch more friends for no reason. line-edited my little sister's essay. ate a lot of vegan dumplings and was underwhelmed by a literary magazine on the way home.

in the morning i had a Harlem adventure which ended up with me going all the way down to the Hudson and getting lost. it was a beautiful day to get lost and i left the house with lots of time to spare, so, i can't complain.

leaving new york will be strange. unless i get a job (what, do you have one?) i am going somewhere. i don't know where though. massachusetts i hope.


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