Friday, October 1, 2010

shelter from the storm

Dear friends,

i have a lot of work to do. it's raining. clearly a good day to blog. and write long e-mails to everybody. and chip away at world hunger at (they have 60 levels of vocabulary. i can only handle about half of them.)

dreamed that i was part of, like, this big Old Order Amish wedding, and the patriarch corrected my biblical knowledge and then made a pass at me. then i went to the library at morningside heights and i thought it was closed, but it wasn't and i got a bunch of books. the title story in one of them was called "reek and the copycat". huh.

also, my friend bethany keeps appearing in my dreams. she was at the amish wedding (which was really more like a dance/party/ceremonial thing). there was dancing. it was awesome. so carefree, like it never is in life.

but the patriarch still creeps me out.


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  1. Amy, you're awesome. I didn't know you had a blog until I saw it at the bottom of your email. I have a blog, too, but it's all...old. I'll sign this comment as my old, old blog, and then maybe I'll start a new one some day. Or not, whatever.