Sunday, October 17, 2010

those who work, those who fight, those who pray

@matthew lafferty: yes, the invitation absolutely still stands. sorry i haven't gotten back to you on that. i've been all-kinds of lazy around here.
bethany h.'s birthday was yesterday. i need to phone the higginbothams, i slept like that entire day & i forgot to do it.

you guys think i'm exaggerating the massive amounts of sleep i get. maybe i am trying to store up sleep so i'll be all bright-eyed and whatever for when my life changes, presumably in the future soon. or maybe it is *just* *that* *hard* for me to go online and do all the things i told my therapist i would do.

can you believe it's october??!? 95 theses, pumpkin ice cream, jackets and free-smelling air. i went jogging by the hudson today. dear god, may i always live near water.

i am sad i don't work at PS41 this year.


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