Monday, May 24, 2010

28 - damn

Dear friends,

It's been a good year. One of the best, actually. i got moan-y and bitchy sometime towards the end, but the people in my life are quick to forgive.

Having an almost-unattended birthday thing Saturday made me cry and make a lot of crying phone calls (even tho i was in one of my favorite places in NYC and would totally have a good time there by myself). And i think i left my sweater in a cab. And i ate so much pizza that i'm fasting for an indeterminate amount of time. Low blood sugar takes your mind off sadness in your heart (god, there are so many people i miss SO MUCH right now).

i am taking myself to the American Museum of Natural History sometime this week for a late bday present. Today might be a sleep-day. And for that i am so very, very ,very, very, very grateful.

i love you,

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