Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear friends,

So i woke up and have the whole island of New York to go and do birthday things in, and decided that what i *really* wanted to do was stay here in my pajamas and have another project runway marathon. (i had a counselor call this "bingeing on self-care". better than self-destruction, i guess.)

i'm on a bit of a 72-hour fast, though. maybe longer. Been doing good just because i'm a sedentary lil rock. i should go on a money fast.


p.s. i got 24 cards from second-graders. i REALLY miss them. i REALLY miss my old teachers (especially the ones who are moving away). i miss DFW. i miss Bethany.
i miss COSI.

"wow. you are a downer. we were having a pretty nice day" - jim halpert


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