Sunday, May 30, 2010

time time time

Dear friends,

There's a mouse in my sink. i mean, there was this morning, and i haven't seen him since. He's cute but he needs to LEAVE.

All these unsent letters and see-you-somedays and the 'Simple Explanation' episode of _House_ re-running last night have made me wonder why we don't tell people the things we love about them. Or why we wait for the right time or the right words. i don't have an excuse. i am lazy.

Dearest reader, i know we are all afraid of awkwardness, but there is no right time. Find whoever's your hero, whoever you couldn't live without, whoever maybe doesn't KNOW what good things you see inside of them, and GO TELL THEM RIGHT NOW. Call or e-mail or Blackberry or whatever. RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Why are you still here?


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