Monday, May 17, 2010

nature is a language, CAN ANYBODY READ HER?

Dear friends,

Soon if not already this blog won't make sense to anyone but myself. ask me ask me ask me ask me (sorry, aaahhh it's in my head)

Let me ask you something very vague. Do you think our pleasure increases in proportion to our pain, our joy to our sorrow? Can people who have suffered more experience deeper gladness? Do bad things make good things better?

i think so but i'm not putting it very well.

Last year it was Fleet Week during my birthday and this sailor bought me a drink. That was pretty sweet. i hope people come out to commiserate this year, because it almost doesn't feel like celebration.

i was trolling around campus today and there are so many memories: first meltdown, first post-hospital smoothie, first time i thought i saw John Krasinski in WSQ park (it wasn't him), first and second and hundredth time stumbling off the train at W4th to get the same coffee from the same vendor and go to my favorite places and talk about books with some of the best people in the world.

Now i need to go to other places and do more productive things with people i hope like me.

i hate transition. so. much.

but i love you.

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