Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear friends,

this is from my old blog, which of course did not last. thank goodness. but here are some recommendations:

go here if you haven't been already. miranda july is joy and love.

more beautiful stuff:
the washington d.c. metro system (i can't hear "last station stop in the commonwealth of virginia" without a shiver going down my spine)
anything by iron and wine, or sam beam, for that matter
Karen Russell's fantabulous book St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves
the short story "Audit", i think it was in the Paris Review book of People with Problems

look for a lovely thing, it's not far.

also: cathedral of st. john the divine in nyc. or really any church that encourages meditation.
also also: anything by breyten breytenbach, brian morton, chuck wachtel, jonathan lethem, stephen whitt, martin rock, brian trimboli, monica wendel, kurt pitzer, and now i'm just listing awesome writers and awesome people. there are a lot more but i have someplace to be. hope you guys don't mind.
you might also like p.f. kluge and david lynn.


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