Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear friends,

So i just realised that if my computer dies (kenehora kenehora kenehora) how very, very fucked i will be.

i couldn't
-write (anything for sharing)
-watch DVDs
-look up places online to take my computer to get it fixed

these are almost all the things that i do. except the last one. i would have to queue up at the NYPL (yikes...ok, it's not that bad) or call on someone's mercy.

being SO dependent on a simple piece of metal scares me. for real. what percentage of your body is your brain? or your heart? in terms of total mass? or your eyes? and how much of your brain do you even use?

and if you look around at all the things you have, how easy would it be to lose keys, cellphone, wallet? these little little little ties that bind us in such extraordinary vital interdependent ways.

even if i wanted your postal address, you would have to EMAIL it to me.

oh, luddites, i envy you.

pray for technology's mercy upon me.


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