Sunday, May 16, 2010

officially on the job market, and it's very exciting

Dear friends,

yes, i have three resumes: Professional Resume, Athletic and Special Skills Resume, and Amy Bergen trivia. ("what does it say under martial arts training? really? i'm going to have to supplement that")

but for real, i DO use capital letters properly when i'm applying for jobs. i didn't think you guys would mind. i know potential employers can see everything everywhere, but hopefully even in this market they'll be gracious and kind.

there is only so much jobhunting i can do a day. not enough, but after an hour or so of applying i get winded.

but: i can see the empire state building from my window (i think. when i'm on the opposite side of the room from the window). i think two years in New York has made me more innocent and excited about stupid little things. glad it didn't do the opposite like it was supposed to.


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