Thursday, May 13, 2010

climbing mountains with blindfolds

Dear friends,

it's been a while since i read Dante, but i vaguely remember the punishment in Purgatory for the envious...did they have their eyes cut out? oh. god.

i can't speak for you, but i am prone to falling into my worst vices no matter how often i (or others) remember that they're my worst vices. for instance. i do want joy and beautiful things for all of my friends, not just *some* of them. i believe that my circumstances are different from other people's and i shouldn't judge myself by any standards other than my own. but still. why does life look the way it does from this angle?

in solidarity with those of us whose lives are not working out and who don't have jobs for whatever reason -

hugs, hope and heineken,

p.s. or hot chocolate if you want
p.p.s. new yorkers, something awesome - when a bunch of dancers are performing on the subway to hip-hop and they have like a six-year-old kid with them, and the kid gets up and freestyles

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